I recently delivered training for Little Weavers Africa,  a cutting-edge clothing brand in Lagos, on how to put customers at the heart of their business. Providing excellent customers care is a sure way to grow your business.

Here is a summary of what I taught them: 10 Ways to Win with Customers

  • Make customers feel special
  • Get the first five seconds right
  • Say something – You are my first customer today Mrs. Bamisile, how are you? (silence breeds suspicion)
  • Personalize interactions with customers e.g ‘’Mrs Mohammed, I’ve written my name here so if there’s a problem just ask for me, RiRi. ‘’
  • Show you care – it is reflected in attitude, words, tones, body language, and actions
  • Make positive choices
  • Be curious
  • Create great memories
  • Make a difference
  • Deliver as agreed

I also interviewed three extraordinary business owners to find out how they put their customers at the heart of their businesses.

See below their responses below

Bonita Ikoku is an exceptional baker from London  @bdelightedcreations

How do you delight your customers? By listening to what they require, being courteous and polite, clarity, follow up, and feedback. I go the extra mile. I like to surprise them pleasantly.

How do make your customers feel special?

By the way, I address them, tone of voice (should be welcoming). I give them alternatives and suggestions if they are unsure of what they want, I show them I know what I am talking about and evidence of this.

How do you show you care? I try my utmost best to deliver beyond their expectations. How I package my goods and presentation is key. I also follow up afterwards, request feedback, and send a message on how to store their leftover cakes (Many are not aware of how-to ).

How do you help your customers make positive choices?

In my area of work, I advise my clients on what would and what wouldn’t work and the cost at every step. For example – design, flavors that work together, and if they are going for a particular ‘ look ‘ – how best to achieve that. How to design, transport, cut, and store the cake is all part of the process.

How do you create great memories for your customers?

I thrive to make sure my cakes are aesthetically pleasing. A good-looking cake is a must for any occasion, it mustn’t be lean and it must be beautiful, that is what people remember and of course, it must taste nice. It must be moist and not dry.


Funmi Modupe is a remarkable International Student Recruiter and Work Readiness Trainer from Schoolingyonda Services, @schoolingyonda

How do you delight your customers? By being genuinely concerned about meeting the need, it cannot always be about money

How do make your customers feel special?  We ask often: Do you have a question? Are you happy with our service so far?

How do you show you care? We call their kids to ease them from too much worry whilst we await visa approvals.

How do you help your customers make positive choices?  We create customized solutions that suit each customer. I use my parenting experience and even share past mistakes.

How do you create great memories for your customers?  We assist to get information in aspects we do not offer services for.

How do you make a difference to your customers? We hold unto to our company values of integrity and empathy.


Rashidat is an amazing CEO from Gaiafarms Herbal Lifestyle. She provides holistic teas straight from the farmland and blended by a pharmacist @gaiafarmsherballifestyle

How do you delight your customers? So for our existing customers, we offer free delivery over a certain amount. While for our new customers we give out free samples after playing the taster wheel of fortune when they walk in into Brick & Mortar shops.

How do make your customers feel special?

By going the extra mile, such as replacing any of our products, if they are not getting that desired result mentioned in our conversation.

How do you show you care?

We try to help them solve their problem

How do you help your customers make positive choices? By getting to know a bit about their lifestyle, help them with any other issue not related to the product we sell.

How do you make a difference to your customers?

I always stress to my customers, to feel free to ask for help or if they have any concerns. I try to help them. Take, for instance, I had a customer contact me when she needed immediate relief from a bad case of indigestion. So I provided her with the necessary information to help. She contacted me later to say thank you.

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