Are you trying to raise funds for your business? Have you had an opportunity to pitch your business ideas for funding? I am fortunate to be a judge/ mentor of a top Global SME Fund and I will outline the key things we look out for when reviewing pitches.

We Assess Your Business Model

You need to provide a clear overview of your business. When describing your business model, your pitch should be able to clearly answer the questions below:

Have you clearly outlined the problem you are looking to solve through your business?

Have you outlined their business’ features?

Have you provided a description of how you will generate revenue?

We Want To Know That You Understand Your Market

This is an assessment of your ability to identify your target market and your plans to reach your target market. You should be able to outline the following:

Target Customers: Who wants your production/solution?

Market Size: The size of your audience

Market Value: The estimated value of your market

Market Share: How many customers you anticipate will benefit from you solving the problem you have identified

Marketing Plan: How you plan to reach your target customers

What is Your Competitive Advantage?

You will be assessed on your understanding of your competitive landscape and your ability to highlight what sets your business apart.

Here you will need to highlight:

Unique Selling Point: What sets you apart from your competitor?

Competitors: Who else is in the market?

 Have You Conducted A SWOT Analysis


What does your business do particularly well?

What is your competitive advantage?

Describe your strong track record


Can you identify your business weaknesses such as lack of experience, lack of resources/ funding/ lack of exposure?

How can you turn your weaknesses into strengths?


Do you have favorable external factors that could give your business a market edge such as positive changes in consumer trends, access to new technology, government de-regulation, new unique partnership opportunities?


Are you aware of negative external factors that can harm your business such as competition, new regulatory barriers, poor infrastructure, changes in the economic, social, or political environment? How can you turn these threats into opportunities?

What Is Your Team Capacity?

You will need to demonstrate your teams’ ability to drive your business ideas/ models. Here, judges will measure your team structure (existing and potential) and what relevant skillsets you bring to the table to help each venture become a huge success. This may include the following:

Technical Expertise


Drive & Commitment

Have You Identified Your Resources Requirements &  Written A Business Plan?

You need to showcase your long-term/short- term business goals and highlight the resources/funding requirements you will need to reach your goals.

 Can You Deliver Your Pitch With Ease And Confidence?

You will need to defend your business idea within the allotted time. You must always stick to time otherwise you be penalized.

Remember you only usually have about 4 minutes to deliver a pitch so you need to master how to present your business pitch in a way that will dazzle the judges.

I hope the above information has been valuable.

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